Olsberg uses the following quality assurance equipment:

  • spectral analyzer; Spectro company (Spectrolab S) device number 156605
  • Universal testing machine Hegewald & Peschke, Inspect Table 250kN
  • Hardness testing machine (HB) Dia Testor 3 b; Otto Wolpert-Werke GmbH; Manufacturing number 3559
  • Pendulum impact mechanism PSW 30/15; M. B. Trebel GmbH, Ratingen; Working capacity: 300 joules
  • Ultrasonic testing device Karl Deutsch Echograph 1090 (for volume errors)
  • Ultrasonic testing devices Karl Deutsch Echometer 1070 / 1073 (wall thickness measurements and speed of sound)
  • Faro measuring arm Quantum E with scanner / software Polyworks
  • Grinding device for producing metallographic cuts
  • Olympus BX41M microscope with camera system and evaluation software


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