Environmental management

Olsberg takes an active role in preserving the natural foundations of life. We see it as a management task to meet the requirements of environmental protection and resource conservation. The aim is to use economically and ecologically compatible processes to manufacture products of the highest possible quality that have the least possible impact on the environment throughout their life cycle. In doing so, it is important for us to find a balance between protecting the environment and making economic sense. Only this harmony will contribute to the continued existence of the company at the Olsberg, Brilon and Königshütte sites.

In a continuous improvement process, we therefore reduce noise and material emissions as well as energy consumption, partly through investments and partly through organizational measures. As a result of this holistic process, we are already not only complying with statutory limits, but many of them are well below them.

We also include employees, suppliers and service providers in our resource-saving concept. We also involve our employees, suppliers and service providers in our resource-conserving concept. As part of their responsibility, they are encouraged to behave in an environmentally conscious manner. To clarify certain issues, we consult expert external consultants. Olsberg observes the current environmental legislation.

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