Energy management

The energy policy is the driving force for the realization and improvement of Olsberg's Energy Management System (EnMS) and energy-related performance. Management establishes this policy and ensures that the nature and extent of the organization's energy use and consumption is appropriate. Olsberg is committed to continuously improving energy-related performance. We achieve this partly through investments and partly through organizational measures. To implement these goals, we maintain an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. As part of the introduction of the EnMS, a system of key performance indicators was developed, on the basis of which strategic and operational energy targets are defined and reviewed. All measures are carried out in compliance with both legal requirements and self-defined requirements regarding energy use, consumption and efficiency.

For this purpose, the availability of information and the resources required to achieve the goals are ensured. In addition, there is a team that regularly exchanges energy-relevant information and identifies improvements. The basis for this is the regular collection of energy data and its evaluation. When purchasing products and services that have an impact on energy-related performance, a procedure is implemented in the company to ensure that energy considerations are taken into account.

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