Olsberg casting technology

For highest demands

Olsberg manufactures cast iron products for a wide range of industries at three German sites: In Olsberg and Brilon (North Rhine-Westphalia) and in Königshütte (Saxony-Anhalt).we The offer includes well-rounded complete services that cover all aspects on the way to the best quality and most economical problem solution:

  • High quality parts made of grey iron or nodular iron
  • Serial casting up to a maximum mold box size of 1500x1100x500/500mm and a unit weight of max. 500 kg
  • Hand mold casting up to max. 8000 kg
  • Comprehensive surface treatment
  • Machining
  • Comprehensive logistics services
  • Certified energy, environmental and quality management
  • EcoVadis sustainability sating "silver"

Olsberg is regarded as a particular specialist for demanding, sometimes thin-walled and core-intensive cast iron products such as electric motor components, gearbox- and pump housings as well as compressor parts or parts for textile machines. The company also assists its customers in the development and casting-ready design of products.

This constructive cooperation - in both senses of the word - opens up new scope for product optimization. At the same time, it can help speed up the development process and significantly reduce costs.

Supplied industrial sectors

Our individual casting solutions help to realize
innovative, efficient and durable products.
We are a reliable and proven partner of important international manufacturers,
from a wide range of industries:


Rely on our casting products to optimize the performance and reliability of your products!

Our works


Olsberg plant

At its headquarters of the same name, Olsberg manufactures core-intensive parts from cast iron with lamellar and nodular graphite in series and hand-mold casting.


Brilon plant

At the Brilon site, the parts cast in Olsberg are cleaned and primed. After final approval by the quality department, the product is shipped to the customer.


Königshütte plant

The Königshütte plant has sophisticated plant technology for the production of thin-walled castings with flawless surfaces. In addition, cast products can be surface treated and partially and fully machined here.

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